What our guests say

We're proud to have a diverse mix of guests at Duncannon including backpackers from all over the world and RSE workers from our neighbouring Pacific island. Read some of their reviews below or checkout our Facebook page for more


"Beautiful hostel. Awesome hostel manager. They are trying their best to get you a job. The rooms are comfy and the kitchens and bathrooms are clean."

Laurenz Dinstühler
Stayed Winter 2017 whilst working in Blenheim



"I loved this place sooo much! My home away from home. Felicity and Rob are an absolute dream! Arrived and had work within a day or so and they looked after me so well! Was only meant to stay a few weeks and two months later I was still there! Twin rooms are great, all with tv's and heaters and such good value if your backpacking in a budget... Thank you Duncannon for giving me a travel experience I will truly cherish forever and also for helping me earn some dollar for my next adventure!!! You're the best!"

Hannah Picken
Stayed Summer 2017 whilst working with Hortus


"All areas of our stay and employment has been well taken care of. The facilities are excellent offering us a home away from home."

Tufa Fatu
Stayed Winter 2016 whilst working with Hortus


"Duncannon is a unique and friendly place to stay. The management continually try to improve and provide a conducive environment for the guests."

David Denny
Stayed Winter 2016 whilst working for Grape Works


"The customer service is A++ Felicity, David & Rob are all very helpful. We like the new gym equipment and the toilets, showers and kitchens are always clean and hygenic.

Thank you Duncannon staff and management. On behalf of the Papua New Guinean Boys, we really appreciate and enjoy the hospitality that has always been given to us. Kiora!!"

Arthur Eremas
Stayed Winter 2016 whilst working for Grape Works

FROM vanuatu

"We all love Duncannon! Good location and we'd like to say thank you for the facilities and good service, everything was all good."

Jennytha Stephen & Magreth Kerry
Stayed Winter 2016

"The site is tidy and spacious and for the rent you pay having only to share a room with one other person is a bit of a luxury for backpacker hostels in NZ. Through the summer months and into the grape harvest you'l meet all manner of people from all around the globe passing through Duncannon, so there is a great social atmosphere to the place.

There can not be too many like it in NZ and whether you are just passing by or involved in seasonal work its a good place to stay!"

Paul Riddett
Vintage Worker stayed 2012